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I make a variety of jewellery,  stirling silver, fused glass and lamp worked beads . This is a small selection of my pieces, all the silver is hallmarked with my own hall mark and all earrings have silver findings. I will be adding more pieces as i make them.

Hallmarked, heart with wings pendant on a 16" snake chain

This pendant always gets lots of attention, release your inner rock chick .£95.00

so sorry sold out, will make more .



Hallmarked silver flying bird earrings.

These earrings bring a smile as the birds fly gently float at jaw llevel. £33.00

sorry sold out will make more.



Hallmarked silver shell on a pretty silver bracelet .

Thislittle  shell detailed bracelet ,made by casting a locally foraged shell,take the seaside home.£28.00



Hallmarked silver cockel shell stud earrings and pendant set.

Locally foraged cockel shells cast in stirling silver, the shell pendant is on a silver snake 16"chain. earrings  £22.00

pendant on chain £35.00 or £55.00 for the set 




Hallmarked silver shell pendant on a heavy 24" silver chain 

This stunning shell pendant made by casting locally foraged shells , gives you that coastal element to cherish.




Hallmarked silver limpet shellwith a silver snake chain 

This is charming silver limpet shell pendanton a 16" snake chain, cast from a locally found shell. £35.00



Silver heart with wings on chain
95.00 GBP

Hallmarked silver heart with wings on a silver 16"snake chain.

Silver flying bird earrings
33.00 GBP

Hallmarked silver flying bird earrings .

Hallmarked shell bracelet
28.00 GBP

Hallmarked silver cast shell bracelet

Hallmarked cockle shell stud earrings
22.00 GBP

Hallmarked silver cockle shell stud earrings

Hallmarked silver cockle shell pendant on chain
35.00 GBP

Hallmarked silver cockle shell pendant on silver 16" snake chain.

Hallmarked cockle shell set
55.00 GBP

Hallmarked silver cockle shell set of stud earrings and pendant on 16" silver snake chain

Hallmarked silver double shell pendant on chain
125.00 GBP

Hallmarked silver double shell pendants on a heavy 24" chain .

Hallmarked silver limpet pendant on chain
35.00 GBP

Hallmarked silver pendant on a 16" silver snake chain


New items will be added continually as i make them.

fused glass stud earrings 

So many colours available, just message me and i will ping you an image of the colours available.£15.00



funky fused glass pendants

Ping me a message and i will send you an image of all the pendants available. £15-£30



Holistic semi precious stones

Chalcedony stones strung on fine tiger tail, large range of stones available , more infomation to follow £15.00



Fun fused glass blue bottles .

A fun pendant or broach , certainly a talking piece.



Pendants inspired by sea glass

Subtle colours and smooth shapes strung on suede thong .  just £18.00




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