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Lollipops and flowers 

Im very excited to add another garden embellishment to my range of glass, these lollipops add a playful element to any garden and bring colour where sometimes there is little, like the fish, they are fine in our changeable weather, though spacing them so they don’t bump into each other in a strong wind is recommended.

Bright red and orange, bringing that zing into the garden.

Coastal turquoise, complimenting cool summer planting.

Sophisticated  moaves for a subtle palette.


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 latest projects

well summer is finally here and it’s a mad rush to get everything ready for the summer shows, it’s at this time I always wish I was more organised, but truth be told, I’m much better with a bit of pressure, it seems to get the creative juices flowing, I just have to try and get everything done, the kiln is on every other day, as the pieces need to stay in it for 2 days, but at least that gives me time to plan new projects. I’m finally working on two chandeliers, one clear petal one and a fish one, watch this space for further developments.


the time is counting down for BBC Gardeners World at the NEC, to say I’m excited would be a huge understatement, thank you Dave Allen from Meadowgate Nursery for inviting me to embellish his fabulous grasses. .... maybe I will see you there. 



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